Patient Services

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Tequesta Office:
8:00AM to 5:00PM – Monday, Wednesday, FridayWest Palm Beach Office:
8:00AM to 5:00PM – Tuesday & Thursday
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Patient Services

Office Services


Non-Surgical Services

  • Bite Adjustment
  • Bite Guards
  • Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing including Periodontal Maintenance (tooth cleaning) by hygienists.
  • Risk Assessments for Periodontal Disease
    • Genetic Testing
    • Microbiologic Testing
    • Digital Radiography
    • Clinical Examination
    • Oral Pathology Screening
  • Periodontal Treatment Planning
  • Screening for Dental Implants

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Surgical Services

  • Resective and regenerative periodontal surgery
  • Cosmetic gingival (gum) surgery
  • Placement of dental implants
  • Uncovering of dental implants
  • Preparation of deficient bony sites to receive dental implants
  • Frenectomy, fiberotomy, gingival grafting and exposure of impacted teeth in conjunction with orthodontics.
  • Root resection and removal of periodontally hopeless teeth.
  • Mucogingival surgery to treat receding gums
  • Soft and hard tissue biopsy
  • Please inquire regarding services not listed

(Local anesthesia, nitrous oxide analgesia, and oral sedation are available to enhance patient comfort.)
(Digital radiography is used to minimize exposure to radiation.)

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Dental Implants

  • CT scan planning for implant placement with surgical guides.
  • Reconstruction of deficient supporting bone.
  • Soft tissue enhancement procedures.
  • Tooth extractions / immediate implants.
  • Temporary implant abutments and crowns.
  • Uncovering submerged implants.

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